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Welcome to The Right Crowd


Working with The Right Crowd means working with the right people for event marketing services while utilizing the right partners to help you produce quality events. We will also make sure you capitalize on your event the right way through our quality demand generation service.

Upcoming Right Crowd Events

Public Sector

Canadian Governement Executive Leadership Summit 2016 – “Deliverology”

Sheraton Hotel, Ottawa, ON

October 5th, 2016

For more information on our various speakers and a description of this important topic, please visit the event page!


Vanguard – C4ISR & Beyond 2017

Fairmont Château Laurier, Ottawa, ON

February 2nd, 2017

For more information on our various speakers and a description of this important topic, please check back soon for the launch of the C4ISR event page!

What are we all about?

We produce events and market them to the right audiences. We have the knowhow on how to best bundle your events with content leadership, social media engagement and quality lead generation, in a way that produces tangible results.

In short, we bring precision to event marketing. By using industry segments and job titles to sort through data, we are able to determine the ideal place for your event as well as the ideal people to market it towards. We have a wide range of CASL compliant and direct mail databases across a range of industries including healthcare, technology, government and life science, among many others. We can provide access to SMB’s, C-level executives as well as a variety of niche marketplaces and sort all those positions by job title.

How do we go the extra mile?

To make sure your event is a success, we have a roster of speakers available to help deliver your messages and your solutions to your community. We also specialize in recruiting sought-after experts as speakers for industry events.

Perhaps our biggest assets, however, are our affiliations with respected media brands through publications like Biotechnology Focus, Canadian Government Executive, IT in Canada and many others. These partnerships provide us access to not only industry experts, but a method of relaying a message throughout an entire industry.

Have an event idea? Need help with event logistics? Want to brain-storm around content leadership strategies? Contact us. You’ll find you’re speaking to the Right Crowd.