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16 Jan cessna caravan specs

hijackings): 0 with a total of 0 fatalities, Hijackings: 5 with a total of 0 fatalities, Survival rate: 28.9% of all occupants survived fatal accidents. Cessna Grand Caravan history performance and specifications. Performance Specs; Lookup aircraft by Tail # Match My Mission: Which airplane is right for me? UPCOMING Steveo1kinevo Meet Up!!! FedEx a reçu 40 exemplaires de l'appareil. Wide loading doors allow easy access, and the optional cargo pod allows an additional 84 cubic feet of storage space. Horsepower: 1 x 867 HP. The Caravan Amphibian takes to the water with uncompromising speed and payload. The CESSNA 208B Grand Caravan has a 2,359' balanced field length and 2,004' landing distance. The powerful, efficient, dependable 675-horsepower PT6A-114A turbine engine gives the Caravan turboprop its exceptional payload capabilities. Additional under-seat and back-pocket storage for all your carry on needs. Higher cruise speed, payload and range thanks to the ultra-efficient 675-shp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114A engine. The Cessna Caravan is an iconic airplane, easily recognizable by its high-wing design, PT6 turboprop engine and suburban-of-the-sky demeanor. Features and Benefits . The leader in pilot training and recreation aircraft, Cessna’s line of single-engine piston aircraft is unparalleled. Fuel Burn: 90.3 GPH. Adept at transporting high payloads, the maximum range of the Caravan 208 is 835nm. 208B Super Cargomaster Version cargo du 208B Gra… CESSNA 172 SPECIFICATIONS. With its powerful turboprop engine, the Caravan aircraft delivers the rare combination of high performance, low operating costs and ability to adapt to a wide variety of missions. Our partners at Textron Financial can deliver simple financing solutions tailored to your needs. Serial number NA, Registration number NA. CESSNA … Performance Specs; Lookup aircraft by Tail # Match My Mission: Which airplane is right for me? Newly over hauled engine by Dallas Airmotive with only 1.5 hours. The cabin has room for nine passengers and two crew when used as a passenger aircraft with four doors: one for each crew member, an airstair door on the right side of the cabin and a cargo door on the left. The Cessna Caravan aircraft is retrofitted with an electric engine and flew for about 290km before landing safely in Moses Lake. The aircraft can be optionally fitted with an underslung cargo … Enjoy the spacious cockpit powered by the latest technology — Garmin™ G1000™ NXi avionics suite. Horsepower: 2 x 500 HP. Current production aircraft are: Caravan, Caravan Ambhibian, Grand Caravan EX, … The cabin measures 04'06" high, 05'04" wide, and 16'09" long. The executive variant of the aircraft can seat one or two pilots plus six to seven passengers. 208B Grand Caravan Version agrandie 1,2 m du Caravan I. Cette version est motorisé par un Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114A plus puissant. Only 2 Corporate owners since new. Operating Altitude - 25,000 ft (7620 m), Hull-loss accidents: 177 with a total of 374 fatalities, Criminal occurences (hull-losses, excl. Passenger and baggage amounts can greatly effect the performance of an aircraft since minimum runway lengths, range and speed are all effected by its weight. Cessna Caravan EX Specifications The Cessna Grand Caravan EX is just one of several variation of the over 2,500 Caravan delivered since it was introduction in the mid 1980’s. diameter, Cabin Interior Length - 16 ft 9 in (5.1m), Basic Operating Weight - 5330 lb (2418 kg), Max. The wing fuel tank has 1.257 l of fuel that may be … Detailed information, specs, seating capacity, fuel cost, features and pictures of the Cessna Grand Caravan. The updated flight deck in the Cessna Caravan is the integrated Garmin G1000 avionics suite featuring the digital GFC 700 automated flight control system. This 2003 Cessna Caravan 208B will be delivered with a fresh annual/fresh pre buy. The Cessna 208 Caravan Medium Turbo-prop is manufactured by Cessna since 1985. The F406 Caravan II is a twin turboprop engined, fourteen-seat low-wing monoplane of conventional aluminium and steel construction. The Cessna 208 Caravan is a single-engined turboprop, fixed-tricycle landing gear, short-haul regional airliner and utility aircraft that is built in the United States by Cessna. The Cessna 208 is a high-wing braced cabin monoplane powered by a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A turboprop in tractor configuration. See the price, spec and contact the seller of this 1993 Cessna Caravan 208B for sale. The cabin can accommodate up to 12 passengers. View Site. The baggage compartment can hold up to 4.6 bags assuming your average piece of luggage is less than 5 cubic feet. It has a total baggage capacity of 32.00 ft^3; 32.00 ft^3 being internal and 00.00 ft^3 being external. The Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II is a turboprop twin engine utility aircraft manufactured and designed by Reims Aviation in cooperation with Cessna. Cessna 350/400; Cessna Other; Cessna Twins; Cessna 303; Cessna 310; Cessna 320; Cessna 335/336/337; Cessna 340; Cessna 401; Cessna 402; Cessna 404; Cessna 411; Cessna 414 ; Cessna 421; Cessna 425; Cessna 441; Cessna Jets; Cessna Military; Cessna Yellow Pages ; Home; About. A more capable Caravan series equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi, Turboprops keep Arctic communities on the move, Air taxi service for San Juan Islands residents and visitors, Privacy Policy for Customers and Potential Customers, 3 blade metal, constant speed, full feathering. Cessna Caravan 208 Turboprops for Sale The Cessna 208 Caravan is a single-engine (PT6A-114A) turboprop utility aircraftft, typically configured for nine passengers in VIP lay-out (with a single pilot), but also popular among cargo operators. Managing the flight deck has never been easier with an improved graphical interface, more powerful hardware, higher-resolution displays and added functionality for increased situational awareness. The wing fuel tank has 1.257l of fuel that can be used. Design and development. The CARAVAN II seats up to 13 passengers plus 1 pilot. On top of more than 30 years of proven capability comes even greater value with the Caravan turboprop’s limited warranties, parts availability and lower direct operating costs. The GRAND CARAVAN EX seats up to 13 passengers plus 1 pilot. Best Cruise Speed: 228 KIAS. However, for the maiden flight, there was only the test pilot present. All Cessna Aircraft. It carries up to 14 occupants with an increased speed and climb capability, plus a takeoff ground roll of only 1,399 ft. Its powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada engine delivers 867 horsepower for dependable payload … 208A Cargomaster Version pur cargo développée en collaboration avec FedEx. 208A Caravan 675 Version de base du C208 produite actuellement et motorisé avec un turbopropulseur PT6A-114A. Join me as we fly the Cessna Grand Caravan from Ft Lauderdale International Airport to Ft Lauderdale Executive Airport. Performance specifications. Rate of Climb fpm/mpm 975/297 Stall Speed (Ldg) knts/km 61/113 Typical passenger configuration is the typical number of passengers the jet is configured to accommodate 9 passengers, however each jet will have a custom configuration to accommodate an owners specific needs and will therefore vary.

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